Coffee Drinks: 24 Types You Should Know

The world of coffee is much more varied than one might imagine. It offers unexpected possibilities to go from a relatively simple espresso, as a concept, to drinks built with multiple ingredients, which you would hardly match.

Espresso: it is the classic Italian cup. The coffee is extracted quickly, in about 25-30 seconds, on the palate it is very intense and is mainly consumed standing at the counter.

Ristretto: it is a shorter espresso, the classic dose of coffee is the same but the liquid in the cup is just over half.

Double: 30 ml of espresso, a cup so to speak, extracted with a double filter instead of a single one. So the dose of ground coffee is greater.

Macchiato: it is a normal espresso, therefore in a small cup, with a drop of milk. It can be hot or cold, depending on the temperature of the milk.

Frothed: this is the correct way to call coffee with a little milk froth on it (a small cappuccino). It is often confused with macchiato.

Moroccan: foamed espresso coffee with the addition of cocoa powder on the milk foam.

Caffellatte: milk-based drink, with the addition of a variable quantity of espresso, in a large cup. Abroad, just call it Milk.

Latte Macchiato: It looks similar to latte but is quite different. It is a layered drink: under hot milk, half espresso and over cream. It is not served in a cup but in a tall glass to show the layering.

various coffee

Cappuccino: 150 ml of drink, consisting of an espresso (30 ml) plus equal parts of milk and milk cream. There is also an iced version, often made with a slush machine ( Iced Cappuccino ).

Viennese cappuccino: it is a classic cappuccino but with half a dose of milk froth (about 45 ml of milk, to be whipped). The espresso is poured into the cup, then the milk froth, and the work is completed with fresh whipped cream and cocoa powder, just like in Vienna.

Mocaccino: cappuccino mixed with liquid chocolate but also with cocoa powder.

Flat white: it is a cappuccino in a very large cup, with very little foam and a double espresso.

Affogato: espresso poured into a cup, often a tall glass, with a scoop of ice cream on the bottom. Even if the most used ice cream flavor is vanilla, there are many versions with different flavors.

Americano: Espresso in a large cup with water (100-150 ml) strictly served separately.

Cold Drip: cold extracted coffee. The cold water passes through the ground coffee one drop at a time, for a percolation of about 8 drops every 10 seconds. It’s a very long draw (about 8 hours).

Cold Brew: Often confused with cold drip. The coffee is left to macerate for a long time with water and ice and then filtered after 8-9 hours.

Nitro: is a cold brew tapped like a beer and infused with nitrogen, which makes it creamier. On the surface a foam is created, like that of Guinness, really soft and inviting.

Cortado: half coffee and half milk froth in a large cup. It is therefore quite similar to cappuccino.

Bulletproof: a drink that, according to some, would have a high slimming power composed of coffee blended with unsalted butter and MCT oil (medium chain fatty acid, like coconut oil).

Espresso Tonic: two espressos left to cool and then placed in a cocktail glass together with tonic water, ice and the juice of a lime.

Frappuccino: it is a trademark registered by Starbucks and is a mix of frappè and cappuccino and indicates a drink consisting of a double espresso that must be blended with 150 ml of milk. Then add ice cream and syrup (of your choice), ice and blend again. It is completed with whipped cream and more syrup.

Caramel frappuccino: it is one of the thousand variations of Frappuccino proposed by the American chain Starbucks, which sees caramel as the protagonist.

Iced milk: ice, cold milk and an espresso in a milk glass (about 300ml), often mixed with sugar or flavored syrup. Served in a milk glass.

Iced mocha: variant of Iced latte. Espresso is mixed with chocolate syrup and served with cream and chocolate syrup on the top.