The shades of coffee from different parts of the world

Does coffee and charcoal seem strange to you? Indonesia doesn’t think so!

The Indonesian specialty called Kopi Joss involves adding charcoal to the coffee! The drink is said to have been discovered by a local Indonesian coffee vendor who decided to add the burning charcoal he used to boil the water to his drink, because he believed it would make him feel better and that’s where the famous drink! Small doses of charcoal are believed to help eliminate toxins from the body!

If you want to try it, heat a piece of charcoal on a barbecue or grill and let it burn. Make yourself some black coffee and then put the lump of coal in the coffee!

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Coffee drinks: 24 types you should know


The world of coffee is much more varied than one might imagine. It offers unexpected possibilities to go from a relatively simple espresso, as a concept, to drinks built with multiple ingredients, which you would hardly match.

Espresso: it is the classic Italian cup. The coffee is extracted quickly, in about 25-30 seconds, on the palate it is very intense and is mainly consumed standing at the counter.

Ristretto: it is a shorter espresso, the classic dose of coffee is the same but the liquid in the cup is just over half.

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