What Are The Best Student Clubs Edinburgh

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Edinburgh nightlife is truly incredible, offering everything from boho ping-pong halls to chic clubs. So no matter who you are – indie kid, boujee queen, there’s sure to be something here that suits all types.

If you are a student into day time clubs then student societies are another excellent way to make friends and boost your CV! Put your writing abilities on display by joining the newspaper staff, or put filmmaking skills through their paces with the Movie Production Society.

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Edinburgh is an incredible student city with plenty to do and see, including breathtaking architecture and amazing festivals. There’s something here for everyone, and Edinburgh also provides high-quality student housing.

Edinburgh offers a wide variety of bars and clubs to cater to every taste, from intimate alehouses to lively dance music venues. Students will find fantastic drink deals at many of these pubs; many uni societies and sports teams often take advantage of these venues to meet up midweek for some midweek mischief!

As for outdoor getaways, there are numerous parks and gardens to enjoy strolling through – Kyoto Friendship Garden in Lauriston Castle offers an oasis of green away from library walls; Cramond Falls can help bring in some fresh air; plus there are several gyms dedicated to students!


Edinburgh is well known for its historical charm; however, once night falls, it transforms into an lively party town with flashy clubs blaring music and flashy dancing floors. No matter if you want to have fun dancing the night away with friends or simply unwind after classes, there is always somewhere suitable at student clubs Edinburgh.

The Bourbon Edinburgh Nightclub is situated in the centre of Edinburgh, offering a one-of-a-kind experience that combines a nightclub, cocktail bar, and private function spaces. If you’re looking for a place to unwind with friends after work, the lounge bar in the club is the perfect spot. The drinks are not only unique but also reasonably priced. For those who love to dance, the club has a spacious dance floor where you can party all night long. The music selection in this club ranges from party mash-ups to house and commercial pop, ensuring there’s something for all nightlife students to enjoy.

Club Tropicana

Club Tropicana is an iconic student clubs Edinburgh retro bar, playing music from the 1980s that appeals to a range of age groups. Additionally, student nights and summer parties are hosted regularly; additionally, Lothian Road Club provides drinks deals perfect for hosting hen and stag nights!

Wham!’s 1983 post-disco single “Club Tropicana” celebrates living the high life, complete with free drinks and dancing – it encapsulates this celebration through lyrics which describe tropical paradise complete with free drinks and dancing, all underpinned by a celebration of hedonism and living a lavish life. It appears on their 1982 album, “You’ve Got Yourself a Fine Mess”, which has been remixed several times over time, as well as featured in NONSTOP D from DanceDanceRevolution Solo BASS MIX.

The Hive

Edinburgh students have no shortage of options when it comes to partying! From major weekend events and midweek parties to membership programs offering discounted drinks and food prices – Edinburgh clubs offer something for every partygoer in Edinburgh! Be it drum and bass, hip hop or cheesy pop, they all can be found here – plus with membership offers to provide discounts!

Student clubs provide an exciting and labyrinthine space that offers numerous bar areas and dance floors. Their music mixes commercial, pop, and rock hits; there are nights dedicated to specific tastes as well as cheap drinks that provide an adrenaline rush – it can make for an excellent night out!


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