How To Become A Barista

If you are thinking of becoming a barista, begin by asking around from people who work in the local coffee shop you frequent. Many such shops offer daily workers training and then hire employees from these schools. Even if you live in an urban area, you can also find coffee sommeliers who are trained to serve the perfect cup of coffee. If you can find one like this, it would be a great help in your aim to become a barista. As you know, learning how to make coffee starts with mastering the art of making espresso. You can also get tips and tricks from them about which machines work best and how to clean those machines.

Understanding The Coffee Making Process

Once you already have the basic knowledge in making espressos, you can now take it a step further and work in a coffee shop. Such a place is the ideal setting for learning the trade. There you will be able to observe and work alongside baristas from different parts of the world and also learn from their mistakes and success. It is always a good idea to try many kinds of drinks when you first begin learning the craft so you can gain experience and hone your skills. You could try making your own beverages such as mochas, lattes and cappuccinos. These drinks would not only make you a better barista but also an expert in creating specialty coffee drinks.

When it comes to the preparation of drinks, there are two kinds: ground and brewed. Espresso is a powdered beverage that is made with the use of hot water forced through a filter into a finely ground piece of beans. The most common type of Espresso drinks are Cappuccinos and lattes. Baristas know how to make each one of these perfectly and are the best people to ask for advice when it comes to the perfect cup of espresso.

black coffee beans

Common Coffee Drinks

The other most common type of coffee drinks that you can request from a local barista is a latte. This is a milk drink that is made by boiling water with milk and sugar in order to create a thick and creamy drink. The most popular brand of latte is Chai lattes and these can be made to be very fancy. A simple version is to add chocolate or cinnamon powder to the water and let the mixture steep for around 2 minutes. Adding a little milk and cream will also improve the taste and add to the enjoyment of this drink.

Becoming a barista does not stop at drinking and making coffee drinks, however. Many baristas also do catering at local events, parties and festivals. Some people may be under the impression that baristas do not really know anything about preparing fancy and extravagant specialty coffee drinks and that they end up doing a poor job. Far from the truth, baristas are highly skilled professionals that know how to make delicious and extravagant drinks in almost any style possible. This is what makes the career exciting and rewarding.

Final Thoughts

Working in coffee shops can be a great way to make some extra money. You do not need to have a degree in order to start working in one of these shops. Barista school can help you get a job as a barista if you are interested enough. If you are able to make more than minimum wage and want to pursue your own goal of being a professional barista, then you should look further into barista schools and programs. By getting some extra training before applying to a job at a coffee shop, you will be able to show prospective employers that you have a real passion for the beverage industry and that you are dedicated to becoming a true professional.

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