Blue Light Blocking Glasses Are The New Eyewear Trend

Blue light blocking glasses are specially designed glasses with specially crafted opaque lenses which are said to filter or block out the blue light emitted by computer monitors. If you work in an environment where your eyes get alot of sunlight, you are probably already aware of the many harmful effects that UV rays have on your health. One downside is that UV rays have been known to increase the speed at which cancer can develop. In addition to this, there is also strong evidence suggesting that UV rays damage the DNA inside of cells. The good news is that you can greatly reduce the damage UV rays cause to your cells simply by wearing sunglasses. While we stil dont know the full extent of the damage from blue light, wearing blue light glasses works in the same way to protect your eyes.


The Problem With Blue Light

Even if you don’t use a computer on a daily basis, you’re probably still exposed to too much blue light through your monitor screen. It’s estimated that millions of people wear computer monitors around the office or home every day without protection. The constant exposure to the glare results in our having to work harder. The result is an increase in visual strain over time. Reducing the strain can allow you to use your computer and eyes much easier every day.


Enter Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Wearing blue light blocking glasses can greatly decrease the risks associated with these conditions by reducing the amount of light entering the eyes and filtering out blue light rays. Blue light glasses help the prevention of glare from computer monitors. High resolution monitors produce a tremendous amount of glare and high energy blue light that can be extremely harmful to the eyes. In many cases, this type of glare can actually cause vision problems for people trying to use computer equipment. With blue light glasses in place, people can view the computer screen with less strain and better vision.

The Benefits

Many people don’t realize it, but computers and their monitors also affect our overall health. Over time, they can cause headaches, vision problems, and even change our hormones. Fortunately, there are several devices now available that work to reduce the negative effects these devices may have on our bodies. Blue light glasses can improve sleep, relieve headaches, improve visual clarity and help you focus. In addition, they can improve sleep throughout the night, since they can regulate your body’s natural melatonin production.

blue light


These benefits are too numerous to not include light blue glasses as a valuable part of your computer and eyesight maintenance package. However, it’s important to realize that each person’s eyes are different and that different situations may necessitate the use of different products. For instance, if you need prescription glasses then you should speak to your eye doctor about integratin blue light lenses into your prescription. They also work to reduce your eye strain while you’re working longer hours at your computer. If you have chronic eye strain, light blue glasses are an excellent solution.

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