Monday Meandering - 5th June, Scrapbooking

Well, our Monday Meanderings could've started on a better day - torrential rain - grim! So instead of the jaunt I had hoped for, we opted for Plan B, and settled for a cosy afternoon at home as littley was a bit grumpy too!

So, how to fill a rainy afternoon in June? Well a good dose of Disney for a start - we chose 'Lady and the Tramp' - mainly because littley LOVES it when the Siamese cats do their song, and it's a good excuse to eat a bit of popcorn ;)

Then we continued working on a scrap-booking activity we'd started a week or so ago after we came home after our little break in beautiful Pembrokeshire. Scrap-booking for yourself, or with your anklebiters is such a lovely was to keep momentos (how often have you said you're going to keep that cinema ticket or greetings card or whatever only for it to disappear into the Recycling bin by accident??)

I lived and studied in the States while I was at Uni, and created a scrapbook then too, and it's so lovely to look back on, and re-visit the details I had forgotten.

Apart from providing a 'physical' place for photos etc, it's also a lovely way (as its being made and afterwards once completed) to chat through memories or 'favourite bits' of the special occasion or holiday. It's often really lovely to hear your little ones share their highlights and memories, as they often remember fondly things you'd forgotten about or hadn't really noticed at the time. My daughter apparently loved the beach (obviously) but also REALLY loved staying up later than usual and the comfy sofa in the caravan!!

While away we kept a little diary of what we did each day, and we chose postcards or picked up leaflets as we went along ready to stick in our book at home.

Like most people I guess, I take all of my photos on my phone, so uploaded them to Snapfish (via their app - other providers are available!!) and got them printed and sent to our home ready to stick in too.

We've nearly completed our latest scrapbook now. Littley is keen to show her grandparents and will be taking it into preschool too, and its a great way for her caregivers to ask her about her experiences and enhance her learning further.