Meandering........on a Saturday at the Stonehouse Brewery

So, who else has been feeling hot, hot, HOT? Well a few weeks ago I was whinging about the weather, so it's been nice to see cloudless blue skies - but WOW - it's probably a bit too hot for me and definitely too hot for littley who has been kind of grumpy since the temperature has gone up and up!

I blame our pale skin - we're just not made for the Summer. Mr M on the other hand is from distant Italian extraction, so has dark hair, eyes and just adores the heat (as long as he's sitting outside in it!)

Anyway, I digress, but basically my Mondays have been too hot for meandering anywhere, unless it's to the freezer to get an on Saturday afternoon we closed the cafe and hubby, littley and myself resolved to do something nice, just us.

Our usual haunts were all packed, and as we headed back towards home (a bit hot and put out!) we pulled into the Stonehouse Brewery ( to have a little investigate - plus it was the day before Fathers Day and Mr M (already a big fan of this place) fancied a beer!

Having never been before, it was a real little gem to find on a hot afternoon. There were picnic benches with umbrellas (essential shade) and the bar itself was lovely and cool, and you can look through right into the brewery to see where all the brewing beery magic happens.

Littley quickly found some little friends, and was busy cartwheeling all over the grass, checking out the fruit trees, exploring and saying hello to the resident hens and two very fine looking cockerels, whilst we had a cheeky afternoon drink.......all in the name of research obviously!

It was such a nice change, and to see the bar also does food occasionally, means we'll have to go back soon! It felt really good to be supporting such a cool Oswestry business, so its definitely made it onto our list of places to go locally on a sunny afternoon.

Have fun, until next time -

Katie x