Monday Meandering Resumes

Hello lovelies, where does the time go? It's officially 4 months until my 'baby' starts school, and eventhough I'm sure she'll be fine,I'm really not sure that I am! In so many ways she is ready for adventures that come with going to school, but inside of me I still carry those long dark, rainy nights of feeding and nappy-changing at all hours! Singing whilst rocking her while she screamed like mad, battling with reflux after feeds or spending hours driving aimlessly around the back roads of Oswestry to get her to take a nap...........all the time wondering if I'm doing a good enough job as a Mum, particularly with running Baby Bird too!

So it's bittersweet that it is again the time of year that we begin closing on Sundays &  Mondays and resume our Monday Meandering blogging. From September littley will be school, so from June we'll be closed Sundays and Mondays (although we'll still be available for Birthday parties!) and I'll be spending this (now limited so doubly precious time) with my hubby & littley on Sundays and Mondays will just be mummy-daughter days, which will be lovely, but numbered!

I'm planning to blog about our Monday Meanderings ( like I did last year), and recommend new (and old favourite!) places to visit, things to do.......and this year share crafts and recipes inspired by our travels! I hope you'll read along with our exploits, and maybe share some of them with your own families,

Katie xx