Making the Most of those Moments, with Romella Jones

Do you have an ongoing to do list – whether written down that you tick off or just a mental one? Do you ever get it fully cleared?!  No! Nor do I! In fact more seems to go on the “to do” list than gets cleared off sometimes! Just like the washing basket!

So I know when people go on about how you must have some “me time” or “meditate” for 30 minutes, its met with a reply of yeah right! 

But think, if you have a wind up watch if you don’t stop to rewind it then it stops. With the water filter jug, if it’s not refilled there’s no fresh water to drink! So it is with your mind, body & spirit as well.

You need to find time to stop and just be - a human being not a human doing! This is where I can help. Let me share some simple tips for you to squeeze into a jam packed day of parenting and work! Honestly it can be done!

Do you breathe? Everyday? All the time? Then we can use this constant breathing to relax and bring ourselves into balance. 

Next time the kettle boils I want you to stand next to it & do nothing else (close your eyes if you are able). Place your hands on your solar plexus (below ribcage, tummy), take a deep breathe in and out. Then allow your breathing to flow normally and feel your body as it breathes in and out. Notice your shoulders dropping, your body relaxing and your mind clearing. Just focus on your breathing. You may like to repeat a phase such as “I am calm” or “I am OK”.

Repeating this exercise whenever you are boiling the kettle or literally have a minute to yourself (before the school run, in the shower, preparing food etc) can really help keep your stress level lower and get to a calm spot.

Take it moment by moment. For more ideas why not sign up for my free 21 day video program to create family calm ( ) or my free Meditation success program (

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Plus I’ve written a book called “Balance and Calm Toolkit for Frazzled Mums”, available from Amazon for £7.99. It has 160 tips and techniques, each that only take a minute or five to bring you from frazzled to calm and in touch with your inner Zen!

Yours calmly, Romella – Chief Calm Creator – Create Family Calm