Real Feel-Good Food at Baby Bird Cafe, Oswestry

Over Christmas I spent a lot (a HUGE) amount of time thinking about food. One of my favourite things to do is just flicking through cookbooks with a brew & the heating turned up!

I make notes & think about new things to cook or bake (I have an actual notebook of ideas!!!)  and it made me really think about what we stand for at Baby Bird Cafe - and it boiled down to three (two!?) words: Feel- good food.


 That's what I love. That's what I aim to give everyone who visits Baby Bird. 

Our eggs come from our rag-tag flock of hens.....from the beautiful Countess (a gorgeous Legbar hen & the layer of beautiful blue-green eggs) to Daisy, an ex-commercial hen with a love of adventure & the escapologist skills of Houdini (she is literally NEVER in the hen run) Collecting their eggs to use at Baby Bird is always like finding treasure – especially as all my ‘ladies’ lay different coloured eggs, they look like jewels!

Baking with eggs from our flock always makes me really happy - and cheesy as it sounds I always think that when I bake I'm sharing a little part of my home with our customers. Baking for me is an expression of myself, of how I want to look after people. A customer once said ‘you can’t fail to be happy’ when you eat a Baby Bird Café cake, and that has always stuck with me.

 I just love the idea of eating ‘local ‘ - I often walk into town to work, & on my way collect our Cafe essentials from the butcher. Radfords have been going for years & it's a pleasure using them. Apart from feeling good that our bacon, ham & turkey is awesome, they're a family business too & working with people as committed to the same 'food ethics' as you is pretty cool. Local. British. Seasonal. What's not to like?

 So this Christmas I really started to focus on what's important to me. What I want to give my little family when I'm at home & also what I want to provide at Baby Bird.

 I like honest food I guess. Food that has a 'heart'. That's why our new menu is packed full of some amazing combinations. Sustainably-caught Tuna with mayo (from using free range egg), chopped spring onions & capers anyone? Or our Turkey Club with turkey, Welsh bacon, fresh sliced tomato, salad leaves & 'happy', free range-egg mayonnaise?

We’ve also snuck a few more vegetarian and vegan options in too! The Falafel Avocado is pretty awesome whether you’re vegan or not – and I’m sure even the most committed carnivores will fall pretty hard for the grilled Mushroom Melt sandwich – mushrooms, nutty Emmental cheese and caramelised Red Onion chutney.

 We're just about to introduce a fuller Snacks Menu for littlies too, including toasted Pitta & hummus, mini fruit bowls of seasonal favourites & dippy cucumber & carrot sticks – hopefully providing something for everyone, and even the fussiest little people!

 I look forward to seeing you soon & getting your feedback on our fab new lunches – and as always, thanks for being part of the Baby Bird Café nest.

 Katie x