New Beginnings at Baby Bird Cafe

Well hello 2017! Happy New Year Baby Birders - I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and packed it full of some new family memories! I spent Christmas Day in my pyjamas with Lottie, while Mr M cooked Christmas lunch and it was wonderful! We spent some lovely, quiet family days together too - all curled up with duvets, Disney and obscene amounts of hot chocolate - bliss! Lottie thought the whole thing was magical......... it's just really special isn't it? Seeing Christmas through the eyes of your little ones? I love it.

2016 had been so turbulent too -  Britt left (boo!!), Brexit, some really sad 'final curtain calls' for well-loved performers and the upheavals in some ways I was ready for a new year!

So here we are with a brand new shiny year ahead of us.

This month and next, you'll be seeing some changes at the cafe (inside and out!) as we finally install artworks made by Designs in Mind through a Big Lottery Fund grant, plus we're adding new classes and activities for all!

We are also launching our zingy new menu full of fresh, local ingredients, fab Mumday Mondays events with a Sundads Sunday Club following in lots going on!

As always, we'd love to see you, so pop in! Katie x