Meanderings on a Monday

Now I am taking every Monday off, I thought I’d be a nice opportunity to blog about our meanderings and share our adventures – and maybe suggest some places for you and your little ones to visit in Oswestry, around Oswestry and further afield… know all of those local places on the map you still haven’t visited!!

Last Monday we awoke to a poorly (and a tad grumpy!) littley, so we decided to stay close to home and decided visit the gorgeous Montgomery Canal that makes its way from the Queens Head all the way to Maesbury and beyond.

The whole route to Maesbury is quite a long walk, so we only did a section, and spotted ducks, a lone swan and a beautiful Heron who was most perturbed that we accidentally disturbed his fishing!

You could always start (or finish!) your walk with a nice pub lunch at the Queens Head itself or the Navigation Inn – we opted for our own picnic and had homemade egg and cress sandwiches – all that was missing was ‘lashings of ginger beer’!!

It was a lovely little walk, discovering wildflowers (& wildlife!) along the way and can really recommend visiting with your littles ones for a slice of calm!