Hypnobirthing Classes in Oswestry – One Mums Story

We host ‘Bump.Birth.Baby’ Hypnobirthing classes here at Baby Bird Café, Oswestry with a lovely lady called Louise Jenkins who is a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist.

Recently, Jess Carter (a mummy who visits Baby Bird Café and attended the Hypnobirthing classes) wrote a little bit about the Hypnobirthing process and how it supported her through the birth of her gorgeous new little boy……….

‘I am a mum of two who took part in Louise's Hypnobirthing classes at Baby Bird Cafe in preparation for my son's birth at the beginning of April. We had our first baby overseas and took Hypnobirthing classes during the pregnancy. They gave us time alone together to relax, prepare for the birth and focus on the new baby and so we decided to take them again here in Oswestry.

Rather than going over familiar ground with Louise we learnt lots of new techniques for self-hypnosis, breath control and pain management and picked up some wonderful tips about preparing, mentally and physically, for the birth experience ahead. They were just as useful for my husband as for me: helping him to plan in a really practical way how to assist and support me during the birth. One of the other huge benefits for me as a 'second-timer' was to revisit my first birth experience in a positive way and use it to help me prepare calmly and confidently for the second.

After my son's birth both my husband and midwife commented on how calm I seemed, even in those final dramatic moments. I feel Hypnobirthing helped prepare me for whatever twists and turns my birth might take. I can honestly say I was not anxious or afraid at any stage and felt I had plenty of techniques lined up ready to manage pain and keep myself focused and positive.’

Anyone interested in finding out more about Bump.Birth.Baby Hypnobirthing hosted at Baby Bird Café, Oswestry can contact:

Tel: 07798 843808

Email: bump.birth.baby.shropshire@gmail.com