Since the New Year, I’ve been taking two days away from the café to spend with our little girl – some proper ‘Mummy and Me’ time.
Sometimes we venture far and wide, but lately we’ve been having some lovely, cuddly ‘home’ days with lots of baking and watching the birds at the bird table.
However, this week at home we’ve had a broken boiler, an overflowing blocked drain and a poorly toddler. Not a great week!
So on Thursday, in a bid for freedom and fresh air we got ourselves ‘wellied’ and ‘waterproofed’ up to jaunt to the garden to see our flock of hens – Lady Sybil, Lady Mary, Lady Edith, Lady Grantham, Anna, Daisy, Mrs Patmore and Mrs Hughes! (I love a bit of Downton!!)
We fed the ‘cluck clucks’ and checked the little nesting boxes for eggs to find perfect clutches of eggs ranging from a rosy terracotta to purest white. Lottie, as always, was spellbound. I then realised that we were missing eggs from our Cream Legbar who mysteriously seemed not to be doing her duty.
When I started hen-keeping about ten years ago, I had an ex-battery hen who would also go AWOL in the egg-laying department, so my little one and I set about looking behind plant pots and bushes to see if we could find Lady Grantham’s egg-laying hide out. I was just about to give up when Lottie squeaked ‘Treasure! Treasure!’ and there, at the bottom of the hedge, behind an old hen house we keep as a ‘hen hospital’ was a mound of gorgeous bluey-green eggs, hidden away.
It was such a lovely moment to share. Yes the boiler was still broken, but this little discovery changed the whole tone of the day. It was an unexpected gift – both the eggs and seeing my little girl so thrilled!
I often stumble upon little ‘gift’ moments at Baby Bird. Seeing a new mum feed her newborn for the first time in public, a baby being introduced to our Baby-Led Weaning platter (all those tastes and textures!) for the first time, or parents having a full(!) conversation whilst their toddler plays in the playspace – all little golden moments.
Anyway, here’s to seeing more of these lovely moments in all our everyday lives. Happy Sunday!