Top 5 Spring Activities for Children, from Baby Bird Café CIC, Oswestry

I think Spring is such a wonderful time of year – we’ve not had an especially harsh winter this time around, but I do really feel everyone at Baby Bird Cafe is just waiting for the days to get a little warmer and for Spring to finally be ‘sprung’ in Oswestry!!

It feels a little like we’re all coming out of hibernation doesn’t it? Plus the Easter holidays are the perfect excuse to get together with friends and get out and about in and around Oswestry too.

As an Ex-Countryside Ranger with a background in nature education, I think the better (hopefully!) weather means the chance for Spring walks and the chance to discover a whole new season with little ones!

So, here are my top 5 ‘nature’ activities for you to do with your children this Spring……

 5) A really lovely activity to do outside (or bring inside if it’s too cold!) is nest making. It’s a good way to introduce little ones to birds too. On a walk, or in your garden, collect a whole bunch of different twigs of different sizes – on some grass (or wipe-able surface if you’re indoors) and arrange the twigs into a nest shape (this can be a simple circle or something a bit more ‘woven’ depending on your little ones age!) add soft leaves, petals and grasses. You could always finish your nest off with some faux eggs too!

4) Spot the Colour is a good activity to focusing attention on a walk or even just playing in the garden. All you need is a paint chip colour leaflet from the DIY store – just ask your little one to find the same colours in nature as in the leaflet. Trust me, this can take hours!

3) A good one for when Spring in in full swing – make a simple Colour Crown or Head-dress out of card and double-sided sticky tape. Get little ones to stick leaves, little twigs and petals all over double-sided tape to create a crown to be proud of!

2) Journey sticks are a great activity for a long walk. First get a length twig to work with – you’ll also need some coloured wool. As you go along your walk, wind the wool around the stick adding the things you find (in sequence) – for example leaves, feathers, flowers, grasses, pieces of bark or little pebbles – to create a visual representation of your walk and a nice little momento.

 1) Discover Dragons in Oswestry! March often sees Newts – and Great Crested Newts – coming out of hibernation. Great Crested Newts are amazing little amphibians and look like tiny dragons! Now, before we go on, it’s important to say there are strict laws against disturbing, handling and touching wildlife, so this is definitely a quiet ‘spotting’ and ‘watching’ activity! The pond at Plas Fynnon Millennium Green is good for seeing these little critters – however – the water is extremely deep so please take care when ‘dragon’ spotting.