Top 5 Kids Christmas activity ideas from Baby Bird cafe Oswestry

What are Christmas memories made of?

This week at Baby Bird Café, we have been feeling all nostalgic about the Christmases of our childhood – selection boxes, chocolate money and tangerine stuffed in the bottom of Christmas stockings!

 Before I lived in Oswestry, when I was little we lived out in the ‘sticks’- and I remember being tucked up in bed when the carol singers came to our door. I’d rush downstairs to help my mum give out the mince pies, and she’d always ask them to sing ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’. Other Christmases we’d have snow, and my amazing Mum would build me a snow-woman, completely with an ample snowball bosom!

She’d also make my toast into a Christmas tree shape on Christmas Day morning for my breakfast – looking back over my childhood memories, I think a lot of this explains how I am today!

Our lovely Manager Britt remembers Canadian Christmases – 4ft of snowfall, ice-rinks, skating, log fires, and pancakes for breakfast.

Sometimes, it feels as though Christmas is approaching at a break-neck speed – especially with little ones in the household, who often start thinking about their ‘Christmas List’ in mid-July?!


My inspiration for my top five fun children’s activities!

I saw this image recently, and this inspired me to put together a list of my five top fun childrens activities to do with little ones in the run up to Christmas.

The best thing is that they’re all super easy, and I think, the things that Christmas memories are made of….

1) Watch a Christmassy film in your pyjamas – whether it be Elf, The Snowman or The Muppet Christmas Carol, close those curtains, get your pyjamas on and snuggle-up with blankets and pillows (you could maybe even build a duvet fort!)

2) Bake! Even chocolate cornflake crispie cakes can be made festive with a generous splodge of red and green ‘hundreds and thousands’! Or if you don’t have time to bake cupcakes, buy some plain ones in from a local baker, and go wild with decorating them – have heaps of coloured icing and sprinkles at the ready!

3) Make wrapping paper and cards – what child doesn’t like potato printing? At the most simple level just halve a spud and dip in white paint to create snowman bodies and heads!

Add details a little later once it’s dried.

 4) Hot chocolate & a good festive story – A personal favourite of mine is ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’, and now our little girl is older I’ve resolved to read it to her on Christmas Eve, just before she goes to bed………..providing I can get her to sit down and stop bouncing around for that long that is!! Pick your favourite Christmas tale to share with your little ones.

5) Gather foliage for the house or make a decoration for the front door. Christmas’s of my childhood always involved making paper chains from odds and ends of wrapping paper, and going on a walk or into our garden with my Mum to cut greenery to put up in the house, over our mantelpiece and pictures…..or me being me, anywhere I could reach! This is a great little activity if your little ones are full of energy and need to let off steam with a brisk walk. Any greenery is fine – you don’t need holly if you can’t find any, as placing a few sparkly baubles in with it will make it look fab anyway! A bunch of foliage tied with a big Christmassy red bow (like a bouquet) – hung from the front door knocker upside down can also look ace if you don’t have a wreath.