Top 10 things to do with kids in Oswestry in January!

January can be a bleak month – grey, cold, damp and lacking all of the sparkle and twinkle of the month proceeding it! We hate taking down the decorations at Baby Bird Café for a start!!!

Before having our little girl, I’d have happily hibernated – however, as we all know any type of rest (or sleep!) is sometimes nigh-on impossible ……..and having kids makes parents nothing if not resourceful!

So, here at Baby Bird Café, we know how important it is to have some child-friendly activities in mind to keep little ones entertained on a shoe-string – so here are my top ten free (or cheap!) things to do in (or around) Oswestry this month with little ones…..

10) Create a busy box. Raid the cheap stores for glue sticks, stickers, crafty bits & bobs and paper and see what you can make! Even decorating the box can turn into an activity in itself! Busy boxes are a fab resource for rainy days!

 9) Visit the library!! From the changing exhibitions to fab children’s section, the Oswestry Library is a little gem!

8) Make some Christmas Thank You cards or send some proper letters – snail mail is much nicer than an email, and your little ones might get a letter in return!

7) On dry days how about a walk up the Oswestry Hillfort – the views are really awesome and if you know some local landmarks, some are really easy to spy from there! There is also St Oswalds Well (supposedly a sacred or holy spring) off Maserfield Rod, Oswestry.

6) As above, visit the little Castle mound behind the Oswestry Guildhall.

5) Visit the ‘free zoo’ !!!!!! Few things cheer up our little girl like a visit to Petworld in Oswestry town centre, she just loves at see the birds and fish! Plus you can buy some bird seed to help with the below activity!!

4) Take part in the Garden Birdwatch for the RSPB, taking place on the last weekend of January- cuddle up inside and watch the garden birds from your window:

 3) Make a pillow or blanket nest – this is especially nice on really miserable days when it’s too bleak to go outside. Just pile up all of your cushions, pillows and duvets into a round nest shape and settle down for a snuggle!

2) Baby Bird Café is open for fun (& coffee!) 7 days a week – or pop into one of the Sunday craft sessions – we run drop-in craft sessions every Sunday 9.30-11.00am. £1.50 per child.

1) Have an indoor picnic – this is one of my all-time favourite things to do in the Winter – roll out the picnic blanket and have a finger food feast! Maybe dig out some of your summer beach toys too!