Ten top tips to run a great children’s Birthday party

We’ve hosted lots a fantastic children’s Birthday parties at Baby Bird Café – luckily for use we enjoy hosting the birthday parties just as much as we enjoy planning them!
Parents often ask how we throw such fab parties, and- as many things in life – it’s all down to ‘detail’. So we have a few pearls of wisdom that we thought we would share – our ten top tips to help any children’s birthday parry go with a bang!

1) Plan ahead
Yes, this sounds obvious, but set your date and send invites a month before the party itself.
When setting the date, see if any major clashes exist (is it the same day as the school fun day for example?) but pick your date and start getting those invites out before ‘analysis paralysis’ sets in, and you end up wasting a week just picking the date!

2) Theme it
Choose a theme with your child. What do they love? Are they dinosaur crazy or obsessed with fairy princesses?
A theme gives you direction and a focus, and will make your party really memorable. Our most popular theme for our Birthday parties at Baby Bird Café is ‘Frozen’ which gives us lots of scope to work within for the party.

3) Follow-up the Invites
Don’t be afraid you’re pestering people by following-up on the invites if people haven’t responded. Family life can be hectic, but to make sure you run a successful party, knowing the exact numbers is a ‘must’.

4) Prepare your games in advance
We run two craft activities per party at Baby Bird Café, sometimes with parents adding a party game or two. Party games are a great excuse for the kids to burn off any excess energy, so are great to include. Wrap any ‘pass the parcel’ presents or prep the musical chairs playlist in advance to take the stress away.

5) Food, glorious food!
Make sure you take note of any food allergies when preparing, and again carry the theme through the party food. This just makes the party extra special

6) The Birthday Cake
Depending on how confident you are, a homemade cake is always a winner. Professionally made cakes can be expensive, so if you’re not a natural baker, most supermarkets do plain iced ‘celebration cakes’ that can be made really lovely with rice paper or fondant icing decorations bought locally or from the internet.

7) Time for Tea
Depending on the age of the children, some parents may wish to stay for the party to keep an eye on their little one. A timely cup of tea or coffee (& maybe a sneaky gossip!) is always welcome!

8) Photographs
 Appoint an ‘official’ photographer if you can – a loved one who won’t mind taking some snaps for you. Many parents never appear in the party photos are they’re usually the ones behind the camera!

9) Party Bags
Again, theme party bags if you can, but there are so many great little party bag fillers these days, you can just get really creative. Stickers and mini bubble bottles are always a winner!

10) Enjoy
Enjoy yourself – your little one will only celebrate being this age once. Remember to take a moment to drink it all in.

We LOVE hosting Birthday parties at Baby Bird and have got lots of lovely ones booked in. Can we take the stress away from you, by hosting for your little one? Get in touch via our email: babybirdcafe.cic@googlemail.com or by calling 01691 650603.