September: Back to school with Baby Bird in Oswestry

Freshly sharpened pencils, a tub of gorgeous colouring pens, new pencil case, notebooks and school satchel……. Am I the only one who (despite not being at school in a very, VERY long time) still feels the start of the new school term so much?

The steady shwoosh of early fallen leaves down the road, skipping and bouncing along the gutters and pavements in the wind. The shine of brand new school shoes in Oswestry shop windows, and – of course- the collective sigh of summer-weary parents and grandparents as the holidays draw to a close!

I often think that although New Year often signals resolutions and lots of ‘this year I’m going to do this and that’, September is really the true month to start things anew.

The nights are drawing in, and what could be better when it’s blowing a gale outside to settle down and start a project or new armchair-based venture, with the rest of the Autumn and Winter stretching in front of you? Lots of evenings to think, read, make or do – or maybe refine that project you’ve had on the back burner?

I vividly remember nights with the rain battering the windows, snuggled up with the heating on, ‘bucket’ of tea at my side, little one asleep (baby monitor on and turned up!) whilst dreaming and planning Baby Bird.

I have a whole heap of quotations plastered to the back of my office door at Baby Bird, one of them says ,’ The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt’ (Sylvia Plath) I try to think of this when I’m trying something new and think I haven’t got the time or just aren’t able to do it well.

Maybe whatever you’ve been putting off is exactly the thing you should be doing, whether it’s finishing that tricky craft project, restoration or exploring a new career path.

If it’s ‘headspace’ – or indeed actual space – you’re after, we have a few things that could help at Baby Bird.

The café hosts two monthly meetings that support women in business, Bizmums (  and WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) ( Bizmums meetings take place every second Thursday of the month, and is ideal for mums in business as little ones are also welcome to attend. WiRE meetings take place on the second Friday of every month, and also provide an invaluable networking and support opportunity.

The local Oswestry ‘Jelly’ group (a casual co-working group for freelancers, homeworkers and self-employed people) also get together and work on their projects here in peace – so just get in touch to find out more.

And lastly, before I go, please do take a look at the recent film we did in partnership with Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors, where I talk through some of the processes we went through to achieve our business dream for Baby Bird after all of those nights of planning!!