Missing our Canadian and preparing for Christmas!

Well, as most of you have noticed, we have been missing our resident Canadian, Britt, at the café this week, as she’s flown home to see her folks – and has already sent photos of some of the goodies she’ll be returning with and bit of menu inspiration for Baby Bird, so keep a lookout!

In other news, this coming week is the start of Advent, so the official countdown to Christmas has begun, despite Christmassy things being in the shops since the Summer!!

I just love the run up to Christmas, which is made even more special this year as our little girl is a little older and has already been talking about Santa’s visit! I can’t wait to see her reaction to the Christmas tree too!

Plus having a little one of our own now gives us the opportunity to start our very own family traditions…..like eating party food in pjs on Christmas Eve, or filling the Sunday afternoons leading up to the big day with Christmassy film-watching……. Have any of you started new traditions now you have your own family? Would love to hear about them!