If Teacups Could Talk

If vintage teacups could talk, what would they say? I often think of this question when I’m unwrapping our eclectic mix of vintage china for one of our Baby Showers.

How many times has someone smiled over this dinky floral teacup, or cried over it – how many decades ago? Ladies in Forties-style dresses with pinned hair and red lipstick, 1950’s housewives in petticoats, or Sixties babes wondering how to afford the latest Biba dress……tales of grand ‘the one that got away’ love affairs, tittle tattle, and words of sympathy, consolation, or hope spilling out of people over a good old fashioned cuppa.

That connection over a cup of tea (or coffee!) is such a basic, but wonderful thing. I think back now to how many exhausted conversations I had with other new mums during the bonding ritual of a brew and now with ‘old’ friends the ritual is just the same. A hot drink, a gossip, a renewing of friendship and assurance on the rollercoaster of parenthood.

I think that’s maybe one of the reasons I enjoy hosting Baby Showers so much at Baby Bird. I just love the almost ceremonial gathering of family and friends to wish the mummy-to-be well before she has her newborn. A ‘gathering of the clan’ before the big event.

So it only seems right and appropriate that our Baby Showers are really something special. Just as with Birthday parties hosted at Baby Bird, by hosting a Baby Shower we become part of the mummy-in-waitings journey towards motherhood. A moment that will always be part of her becoming a Mum.

We bring out our vintage china, fill the ‘odd one out’ sugar bowls (that in another decade have been separated from their original set) with fresh cherries and strawberries, wash the cut glass cake-stand from the Fifties to a sparkly shine ready to receive a decadent Red Velvet cake, cut teeny ladylike sandwiches and ice cupcakes in hues of pink, blue and delicate yellow. 

Next the flowers – each mummy receives a handtied bouquet and we also place seasonal flowers (such as Hydrangeas and roses) on the cake stands, like little floral jewels.

After Elderflower bubbly on arrival, guests settle down, chat, play games and enjoy the all important tea or coffee in beautiful china.

It’s likely the next time we’ll see the mummy-to-be, she’ll be a new mum with her new baby in tow. That little wriggly ‘bump’ wedging feet under ribs or elbowing kidneys, finally here. It’s always a great feeling to meet newborns who visited the café as ‘baby bumps’ and say welcome to the world, it’s a much better place with you in it. And of course, ask if Mummy would like a sit down and a cup of tea………