Hello Autumn!

On my walk into work today I came across my first conker of Autumn. To be honest, I have a bit of a thing for conkers – I just love how glossy and beautiful they are, and remember vividly as a child being disappointed when they dried out and became dull!

Although the drier they became the better they were to play Conkers with – I knew little boys who varnished their conkers, dried them in ovens or pickled them in vinegar to achieve a rock-hardness that would smash all of their competitors!

What else do I love about Autumn? Ooh, I love walking the dog at dusk and smelling wood-smoke as people begin to light their fires to keep the chill off. I love chunky knits in autumnal colours, and tights, I LOVE a nice thick pair of tights! So cosy!

So that brings me nicely to comfort food… apple and blackberry crumble with cream, hearty roasts on a Sunday, and one of my all time favourites… the humble jacket spud, crispy skin, oiled slightly and baked with just a sprinkling of seas salt, buttery insides and topped with all sorts of loveliness. Luxurious brie and ham, or ‘old school’ baked beans and cheese, warming and nostalgic.

As we say goodbye to some items from our Summer menu at Baby Bird, we say hello to locally-made golden sausage rolls, speciality hot chocolates, baked potatoes and warming soups that make the most of Shropshire’s autumnal produce.

I am a sucker for a jacket spud piled high with classic tuna mayo, brought up to date at Baby Bird with a twist of lime, cracked black pepper and a hint of coriander.

What are your favourite Autumn treats?