Halloween Has Arrived

Wizard/witch and spider hats today at Baby Bird – always nice to have Baby Birders doing a spot off craft while their parents or grandparents have a natter over coffee and cake, particularly as the weather has now turned and everyone wants to get cosy indoors.

I just enjoy this time of year so much! The darker nights that call for casseroles and comforting stews, blustery nights when you can hear the rain pattering against the windows…….and Halloween!

I was lucky enough to live in America for a while, and I completely fell for how our cousins ‘across the pond’ celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! It was an all-out celebration, with some AMAZING window displays in the town stores, and a real sense of occasion. To be honest, it often felt like living in a film!

And this magic is something I’m proud to say we’ve captured at Baby Bird now we have decorated for Halloween and the half term holiday.

Life often causes us to race forward, marking off calendar days towards weekends, family holidays, Birthdays or time off work……I like to think celebrations like Halloween, Easter or even Bonfire Night, should give us a minutes pause to make a particular memory – remind us to seek the little moments of loveliness in every day – especially if we have little ones who see magic everywhere!

Anyway, plus having little ones gives us ‘sensible’ grown-ups the perfect excuse to indulge in a little silliness too!

So, please do pop into Baby Bird to check out our decorations, we’d love to see you!