Celebrating ‘quality time’ at Baby Bird Café

As I write, it’s already dark outside, and a chilly wind is blowing through the little streets of Oswestry. Smoke is curling up from the old chimneys and the Tawny Owl in the wood behind our house is calling out into the darkness.

With the dark nights, our little flock of hens go to bed early out of the way of Mr Fox and the bad November weather, and our cat tucks himself up in our shed, so it’s just us and our dog hunkered down in our little house for the evening. Heating turned up, pjs on!

 As much as I enjoy the gentle sunshine of Spring and Summers almost infinite light nights, there’s also something reassuring about the seasonal change that true Autumn brings. The opportunity to ‘nest’, cosy up and hibernate a bit!

One of the things I enjoy most is the excuse for time snuggled up with our little girl watching a good film and a hot chocolate as the wind howls outside! Heaven!

I also think Autumn gives us the opportunity to take a moment – take a breath – after the hectic year behind us – the changeable weather and cloudy days presenting us with the perfect opportunity to reconnect with family and friends over lazy lunches and lingering chats over coffee.

One of the lovely things about running Baby Bird is that it enables me to blend my family and business lives together. Our daughter always comes to our Team Meeting breakfasts at the weekend, before going to her drama class upstairs in our meeting room. On Sunday mornings she ‘runs’ our morning craft workshop with me before heading home for her nap.

What we aim for at Baby Bird is for every customer to feel like they’ve had some proper quality time – when they visit with their little ones – but also with the other adults they might have come with too!

There’s no need to be telling little ones to constantly behave – because there’s no need to here, which means you relax and those with you can relax – and get on with the business of enjoying some quality time together.

See you soon at Baby Bird xx