As we say farewell to April, the lovely long weekends of the May bank holidays appear on the horizon! Hooray! It definitely feels like Spring is here in Oswestry doesn’t it?

So, what a better reason to plan a bit of family fun? Maybe plan a leisurely Spring lunch with family or friends or get out and lap up a bit of Oswestry sunshine (fingers crossed!), go for a good walk or spend some time in the garden?

Here at Baby Bird Café, we are open on both of the Bank Holiday Mondays 10am-2pm, so why not pop in for a lazy coffee and slice of yummy cake? Or if you fancy a more outdoorsy adventure, here are our top 5 family things to do over the lovely long May Bank Holiday weekends……

5) Make a bug hotel. Often our little creepy crawly friends need a little place to set up home! Take a plastic bottle and cut the top & bottom off – sometimes this can be a little sharp (depending on the plastic) so edge with masking tape or electrical insulation tape if you wish. Pack your plastic bottle ‘tube’ FULL of twigs – you can also add shortened garden canes, moss and dried grasses, but make sure it’s full up and all of the materials are snug. Add a hanging string and a little sign – it’s super cute! Just hang it in a sheltered part of your garden. 


4) Growing your own fruit and veg is a great way to engage little ones both with outdoor play and getting them to eat their greens! Vegetable seeds are pretty cheap, but if you don’t have time to keep those slugs at bay whilst they germinate, a fab selection of really affordable salad and vegetable seedlings can be bought as plug plants from Oswestry Town Market – and it’s also a good opportunity to stock up on some flower plants for the coming Summer.

3) Go for a forage! Apart from using stunning crystallised flowers on our cakes at Baby Bird Café, I am also a massive lover of foraging for natural ingredients too. One of my favourite recipes is one for dandelion fritters from Alys Fowler’s series ‘The Edible Garden’ - I just add a drizzle of honey to serve :

Create a basic pancake batter mix using 3 eggs, 120g Self Raising flour and 210ml milk. De-stalk a handful of dandelion flowers, dip each flower head in the batter & fry in a moderately hot pan in oil. Flip flowers to get an even colour on both sides. Serve immediately.


2) Make a garden sun-catcher in the oven! Cookie cutters? Check. Plastic beads? Check? Grease proof paper? Check? Place your greaseproof paper on a baking tray, put your cookie cutters onto it, and fill with a layer of plastic beads. Heat in a moderate oven until beads have melted flat. Remove from the oven and allow to cool overnight if possible. Remove from the cookie cutter & glue (with strong glue) on a hanging ribbon. The great thing about these are that they are waterproof, so if you have a shady corner in the garden that needs brightening up these look great hung from tree branches and shrubs.

1) Go on a Scavenger Hunt! Print yours here: